Andiago is partnering with Forbes Travel Guide and Sharecare to help create a safer, verified, and joyful experience in restaurants worldwide. 

Discovering hidden gems and trendy restaurants plus reaching out to foodies does not have to be like playing Russian Roulette. Andiago uses AI to help restaurants and people connect and aim to keep everyone safe from COVID using the latest initiatives. We are doing just that by teaming up with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide. Foodies will be able to see all of the restaurants that adhere to the 60 experts validated standards that promote public health and safety. So you, your staff, and guests can feel as safe as possible while creating a meaningful experience together. As well as driving sales and revenue up. Right now, over 2,100 restaurants worldwide are VERIFIED™ by Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide. 

Sharecare is a leading digital health company that helps people and businesses unify and manage health in one place. They believe in high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare for all using comprehensive data and positive behavior. On the other hand, Forbes Travel Guide is the global authority on luxury hospitality. In unison with Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide, Andiago is the first to offer Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED™. “Together, Andiago, Forbes Travel Guide, and Share Care are bringing much needed innovation and trust to the way new guests discover us.” Stated award-winning Chef and founder Michael Mina from MINA Group

With new strands coming and going, the ever-changing foodie needs and government requirements are enough to overwhelm you. With this wonderful partnership, we can better help restaurant owners and provide an extra layer of health for everyone.