From immersive dining with thematic lights and soundscapes, luxurious dining, introvert ramen, or even fishing for your own dinner. There are uniquely hiding in plain sight experiences for every foodie out there—restaurants and unique experiences that might not be available in your typical reviews-based apps. Connect and engage your trendy restaurant to foodies around the world! Andiago recommends restaurants based on real experiences, not reviews. Its AI provides an innovative way for travelers to discover hidden gems and extraordinary culinary experiences in every destination in the world.

According to Hospitality Tech, “Mobile apps do have the potential to improve the customer experience and promote loyalty. Remember: just a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profits by 75%. If a restaurant has the right resources, it might be worth investing in this technology.” Restaurants are struggling right now with attracting customers, labor, and new demands after COVID. By using an app like Andiago, customers can easily save your restaurant and book a table themselves! Thus creating more customer loyalty and engagement by allowing people to post photos; and making geo check-in easier. By adding all your business information to the app, people can find you better and an overall better experience. In return, this increases customer retention and profits. 

Andiago was created before the pandemic hit the world, and now we are here to help the restaurant world rise from its ashes! Our goal is to connect people and restaurants for joyful experiences worth sharing. Meanwhile, keeping both restaurant staff and foodies safe from COVID by using the latest tech. By teaming up with Sharecare with Forbes Travel Guide, customers see restaurants that adhere to more than 60 expert-validated standards to promote public health and safety. You and your customers can feel safe while discovering your restaurant! 

Andiago lets foodies browse trendy places near them with an option to easily book a table, view photos from other users, and your geolocation. If Andiago recommends it, it is trending among locals. We also aim to activate the restaurant industry in the post-COVID era.

Whether your clients are looking for Mexican restaurants or Italian restaurants, the best restaurants, diner, eating locally, or even craft beer, we got you covered! Andiago is a wonderful community and uses the latest technology in hospitality to help restaurants with labor, revenue, and connecting with foodies via our app.