Known as Europe’s only desert, this anomaly is located in Granada, Spain. The desert is known for its myriad of rock formations that make you feel like you were in the Grand Canyon! Its red hues, canyons, and breath-taking views will surround you with peace and disconnect you from the busy, chaotic world. Relax and let Andiago take you into the sustainable sanctuary podtel District Hive and the crystal house “La Casa del Desierto.”. They will transport you to a place of beauty and relaxation. 

District Hive Podtel

Situated on top of a mountain just 10 minutes away from Gorafe Town (Granada/Amería) is the District Hive Podtel. The podtel look is a long container with huge glass windows that capture the beauty of the sunset, stars, and nature. Not only is it extraordinarily breathtaking but, it is highly modern, sleek, and controlled with an app. It is self-serviced from check-in to check-out! 

The interior is also of great beauty! With its huge glass windows surrounding the pod, it looks bigger than it is. The dark colors combined with the glass windows are a piece of art. However, I recommend you bring food or purchase food on their app. 

You can have a cozy dinner before bed and even one of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever witness! And don’t forget about breakfast in bed overlooking the cliff, mountains, and clouds that will make your journey unforgettable. The feeling of complete silence and peace is necessary before heading over to your next stop. 

La Casa del Desierto

Another stunning place just 15 minutes away from District Hive is La Casa del Desierto! The desert is so massive that discovering it fully can take a few days. As you drive up to the crystal house, you will not believe your eyes. The immense spectacular views seem straight out of a postcard. No picture can do it justice! The podtel is a tiny home created from crystal mirrors. It is completely isolated on top of a mountain that overlooks all its majestic beauty. 

One of the best ways to discover the desert is by taking a Jeep ride across it, which will unveil the scenery, canyons, and wilderness. The sun helps to bring out the different colors of the mountains. Watching the sunset after a long day of exploring from the crystal home is a real treat.  And its similarities with the Grand Canyon and even Petra, Jordan is simply uncanny. On the other hand, dinner and falling asleep under the moon shining through the window is so comforting. 

Watching the sunrise take over the incredible views as you watch from the bed is fantastic. And before checking out, don’t forget to visit the artsy chair on a cliff outside the door for the perfect photo op! 

Before you leave Granada, we recommend you to stop at lunch at Faralá! This Michelin Star restaurant is the “It” place to eat traditional Granada cuisine with a modern take. Their gelato and halibut will satisfy your hunger.  

By Natasha Mass.

Sometimes you just need to have a magical weekend in the desert to disconnect and have the most unforgettable experience. Enjoying the silence will never look as good as this Spaniard desert! Like a good friend, Andiago recommends the best places to discover and eat at. Stay tuned for more one-of-a-kind recommendations!