Dancing, lively music, Southern comfort food, and a nonstop city-wide party, Mardi Gras will put the rhythm of the night in you!

Walking through the streets of New Orleans, one can’t help but be embraced by the electrifying music, including the beads hitting against each other that go straight to your hips. New Orleans has an array of delicious smells from various food places, an explosion of yellow, purple, green, and glitter bonded with the mystic roots. The parades are enough to drive you wild! Mardi Gras is one party festival you don’t want to miss, even far away. 

New Orleans is an enchanted land, home to the biggest and best festivals possibly in the world! Mardi Gras brings locals, travelers, young to elders, and everyone together. Just like musicians and performers, you can find food in every corner. Carnival season calls for delicious food. 

King Cake

Indulge yourself with a King Cake!

By far the most popular and yummiest carnival food you will ever taste! This French pastry is a braided cinnamon dough oval shape, bright gold, purple, and green. It is covered with sugar and sprinkles and can include fillings such as cream cheese, strawberry, vanilla, and other flavors! 

In New Orleans 1870, King Cake was introduced by the French. The gold means powers, purple is justice, and green represents faith. It is a symbol of unity and faith. 

Where to get it: Calunda


Eat the best of what the South has to offer!

While there are so many different types of delicious traditional dishes, Boiled Crawfish is a must. Crawfish are only eaten during this season as they are fished live and boiled. The boil consists of crawfish, corn, potatoes, sausages, and Cajun seasonings. 

As a local delicacy, this dish has been celebrated for decades. They were first harvested from the Atchafalaya Basin and became the food staple during the Lent season. 

Where to get it: The Columns

The Vieux Carre

Experience all the best elixirs in New Orleans at Carousel Bar

You have to end your night or start your happy hour with the iconic Vieux Carre! Whisky, cognac, sweet vermouth, benedictine, angostura, and bitter mix together to create a unique elixir. 

This drink was created in 1930 and pays homage to the ancestors that came years ago. The Vieux Carre means Old Square and originates from New Orleans’ French Quarter. 
Where to get it: Carousel Bar

Mardi Gras is a must lived experience!

Even if you let loose, there are free shuttles to take you where you need to go. Join the biggest party in the world while using Andiago to find and save your favorite restaurants and bars