Can you keep a secret? You can only go in through a hidden passage or the correct password, but once you are in, the real journey starts. Enter an otherworldly experience hidden in plain sight and enjoy the best drinks. These hidden bars, aka speakeasies, will transport you to the times of prohibitions, adventure land, spooky romantic settings, and more! Speakeasies might be exclusive, hard to find, and hard to get in. Luckily, Andiago is here to show you around and give you tips on how to get in. Just don’t tell everyone!

Dirty Laundry, St. Petersburg, FL

From the outside, it may appear you are standing outside a cute laundromat that happens to have yummy pastries, small sandwiches, and coffee. This clever decoy hides one of the trendiest speakeasies in St. Pete’s! Take a look around and spot a sign that says “Talk Dirty to Me” and pick up the payphone. You will need to enter a code that might be given to you when you go in or whispered to you randomly. Once you dial the code, you will be transported into a beautiful Havana cocktail lounge with a nightly DJ, Cuban cocktails, and a fun night! Also, DL offers brunch, food options, and fantastic coffee.

Williams & Graham, Denver, CO  

Who doesn’t love a good bookstore? Especially one with a deliciously hidden secret! The only way to get into the speakeasy is by scanning through the bookshelves and finding the right book. You might want to pull on a book named Savoy which will slide the bookcase open like a mystery movie. W&G has the most original cocktail menu, 60 classic cocktails, and over 500 bottles worldwide. Their food by Chef Grant Bushkuhl is just as unique and wonderful as the drinks menu. 

Please Don’t Tell (PDT), New York, NY

This secret bar is a New York staple in the underground. The only way to get in is by heading over to Crif Dogs, a trendy hot dog place on St. Mark’s Place. Once there, a wall will slide out with a red phone. Pick it up to get in. PDT ranks as one of the few best speakeasies globally! And while it is super classy and highly mysterious, you can have some of the best drinks and hot dogs, if you please. Reservations are highly required to be able to enjoy their signature drinks.

Midnight Cowboy, Austin, TX

One of the oldest and most historical speakeasies in Austin is known as a former brothel masqueraded as an oriental massage place. MC embraced the building’s history and decided to continue it as a secret bar set in the prohibition era. At first, you might think this is just a massage parlor, but if you go inside, you need to locate a red light bulb that glows. However, you will need to buzz a button with the name “Harry Craddock” outside a blank door. Inside, the speakeasy has delicious Tikki-inspired drinks, wonderful staff creations, and curations. Reservations are strongly suggested. 

The Pawn Shop, San Francisco, CA

This hidden tapas bar is everything your heart and soul desire! This pawn shop dates back to the 1900s. You will need to go to 996 Mission Street and find a golden phone to get inside. When you pick up the phone, you will chat with a shady-sounding person. Once inside, you’ll discover an incredible Cuban art deco-inspired bar. Aside from its neon lights and ornaments, the tapas-style cuisine and curated wines will take you away. We suggest reservations for big groups. 

If you want a fun magical experience, look no further. These upbeat and trendy speakeasies around the U.S will captivate all your senses. Andiago is here to help you find all the best-hidden gems with our app. So go on and discover what lies hidden behind. You might find the experience of a lifetime.