As many of us have watched the reboot of Sex and the City, we couldn’t help but wonder: what are the show’s best restaurants of all time? 

Like always, most of the crucial conversations and ground-shaking events happen in cool restaurants. In case you are wondering, some of these iconic-looking restaurants are still open today and ready to take you into your very own SaTC adventure. Here’s a list of the top restaurants from the show and our recommendations for each!

The Whitney

And Just Like That, Reboot, Episode 1: Hello, it’s me
The reboot opens up with the group at this restaurant and running into Bitsy Von Muffling. 

The Whitney, aka a fictional restaurant called Clee, is a sight that will leave you breathless. It is impossible not to gasp at the views of the Hudson River and the Highline located in the Meatpacking District. This beautiful cafe is located in the Whitney Museum of American Art and was designed by award-winning Andrea and James Gordon. You can stop by for a quick snack, pastries, wine, lunch, and coffee in a super sleek and modern limited seating cafe. Perfect if you like mixing art and good food! 

The Modern

The Sex and the City Movie
Carrie tells the group that she is engaged to Big plus Charlotte tells the whole restaurant, and everyone cheers. 

This beautiful Michelin-star contemporary American restaurant in the MoMA is worth the trip! It overlooks the MoMA’s sculpture garden and has a seasonal menu with an award-winning wine program. Eat delicious food before or after a walk through Van Gogh, Warhol, and Picasso art collections. 


Sex and the City, Season 4, Episode 3: Defining Moments
The group and Carrie’s jazz musician date go to the opening of Taos. Samantha runs into Big and his model date, making Samantha tell him off for hurting Carrie. 

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, this upscale venue featuring a giant Buddha statue, a long corridor that looks like a dragon scale, and murals of Chinee calligraphy makes it a must! The stunning restaurant design is mind-blowing but sensory busy with three levels. The food, on the other hand, is just as impressive. It is the favorite of many celebrities with its unique modern take on Hong Kong, Japanese, and Thai food.


Sex and the City Movie
Carrie and Big hosted their engagement party here inside a beautiful dining room. Shortly after, Miranda fights with Steve and projects her insecurities on Bigs, giving him cold feet about the wedding. 

This dramatic, otherworldly restaurant is located in the Meatpacking District like other trendy places. According to Buddakan, they are self-proclaimed as a surreal atmosphere that marries the serenity of Asia with 16th century Paris. Sure, their big ornate chandeliers give you a dramatic vibe but also a memorable experience. The restaurant is a behemoth club-like place with great Asian fusion dishes. 

Eleven Madison Park

Sex and the City, Season 2, Episode 18: Ex and the City
The infamous episode is where Big and Carrie meet up for lunch as friends, but he tells her that he is engaged to Natasha. 

Michelin Star winner Eleven Madison Park is a super elegant and modern restaurant with signature-made vases, staff suits, towels, and literally everything you see! The kitchen composes delicate dishes so beautiful and delicious your soul will be fed! Cocktails are also a must in this luxurious dining room. Everything they do is crafted by hand and carefully designed to create an exceptional experience.

Magnolia Bakery

Sex and the City, Season 3, Episode 5: No Ifs, and, or Butts
Carrie and Miranda eat cupcakes while talking about her crush, Aiden. 

A Super small and cute bakery with the yummiest sweet treats ever! You don’t have to eat the Carrie Cupcake to gossip. Their amount of treats is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! After the episode aired, the bakery went viral and is located in various locations. 


Sex and the City, Various Episodes
The group goes to this place often to gossip and talk about everything. 

Another iconic Chelsea restaurant serves American comfort food in a modern yet intimate place. It offers anything from brunch (till 5 pm) to late-night dishes and fun. It is also open 24/7, and it is a cool yet illy 90s nostalgic experience! If you miss your school cafeteria but want a delicious twist, this is the place to be.

So go on and make these places your new lovers as you gossip. With Andiago’s help, we will have you in the trendiest of places where you can wear your best heels.