If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, you’ll quickly figure out that the things worth seeing, doing, and experiencing extend far and wide outside what would typically be considered the city center of Georgia’s capital. Filled with incredible food, diverse neighborhoods, vibrant communities, a booming economy, and plenty of green spaces – everyone from millennials to retirees are moving to Atlanta from all over the country. 

I spent a couple of days there exploring the city center and outskirts and this is what my itinerary looked like:

Day 1: Downtown and East Atlanta

I arrived in Atlanta and settled in my hotel in Downtown, the city’s busiest district with Centennial Olympic Park at its heart. Here is where you’ll find loads of restaurants, museums, shopping malls etc. Atlanta is a super walk-friendly city so I spent hours strolling around the neighborhood. 

Later that afternoon, I headed over to the East side to see Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition: A multi-media celebration of Picasso’s work where you literally step into the world and works of the master of modern art. The exhibition was incredible as you got to be surrounded by the paintings. A real treat for art-lovers!

For dinner, I went to Gunshow, not far from there. I had booked the restaurant months in advance as it’s an absolute hit in Atlanta and supposedly not to be missed. The fun thing about this place is that the menu and chefs change constantly, and each individual chef presents you their creation at your table. So you just sit there and have all these different dishes shown to you and you decide if you feel like it or not. Can I say dream? We tried loads of different and super creative dishes. Plus the kitchen is open and you get to see all the action which gives the place a lively vibe and environment. One of my favorites was the bear tartare. Yes, you read correctly. In conclusion, a must-go when in Atlanta.

Day 2: Buckhead and Piedmont Park

The following day I had brunch in what is constantly voted as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Georgia: The Garden Room. Within the St.Regis Hotel in the neighborhood of Buckhead, the Garden Room is, well, an actual garden room. You’re surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers from floor to ceiling. On Saturdays they have a DJ spinning tracks and a special brunch menu which includes things like lobster roll, wagyu burger and truffle croque monsieur

To down the brunch I decided to visit the Botanical Garden. It was huge and absolutely beautiful! Full of pathways, little corners and stunning flora and fauna. A short walk away you get to Piedmont Park, enormous with a big lake and great city skyline views. Next, I rented a scooter (the cities’ absolutely packed with them) and rode the BeltLine, the coolest thing of the trip. The Beltline is 22 miles of unused railroad tracks circling the core of the city’s in-town neighborhoods. From open green space and parks, the BeltLine connects people to neighborhoods, dining spots and cool places throughout the city. 

I arrived at Ponce City Market, a huge building featuring restaurants, bars, shops and a really cool rooftop that doubles as an amusement park: Skyline Park. I spent the evening there riding the different attractions and playing the many games offered while gazing towards the stunning skyline. Such a cool plan and super recommended for summer days!

Day 3: East Palisades Hike & The BeltLine

In the morning I headed over to Ria’s Bluebird Cafe for breakfast. The New York Times has voted their pancakes the best in the world, so, obviously, I HAD to try them for myself. I went in quite skeptical. The cafe was just a normal roadside diner-style coffee place. I ordered their signature banana-pecan pancakes with syrup and needless to say: they are the best pancakes I have EVER had. A very special moment. I didn’t want the dish to end and unfortunately it did. But I savored every single bite and swore I’d never forget them. In-cre-di-ble.

For my last day I wanted to see what the outskirts had to offer and I had heard Georgia has some pretty awesome hiking trails. I did my research and found the East Palisades Trail, easy and not too long. The hike itself was great. It was so nice to get away from the city and experience some fresh air and nature. The 3h trail bordered a river and hid an amazing surprise at the end: a secret Bamboo Forest. The place was unreal! All of a sudden you find yourselves surrounded by thousands of bamboo trees out of nowhere. Insta-worthy content for sure!

For an early dinner I wanted to ride the BeltLine again as it had been so much fun. I rented a scooter and rode to a cute restaurant called Delbar, which serves traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and has a beautiful indoor terrace. I had a delicious dinner with a Chai Latte cocktail and one of the best hummus I’ve ever tasted. This one had roasted mushrooms and an egg yolk (drool). 

All in all, Atlanta has it all. Great restaurants, activities, green spaces and culture. A great option if you want to explore the South! Find my Atlanta Guide on the Andiago App and follow on Instagram to stay updated about my future trips!