Traveling is one of the most meaningful experiences on earth. It is a part of every aspect of my life. I have been working in travel tech for over a decade, deploying technology to thousands of hotels worldwide, and traveling every chance I get. One aspect of the travel experience seemed consistently neglected throughout the years: Dining. 

No matter where my travels took me, I always encountered the same problem: Why can every aspect of my trip be handled and “taken care of” except the most memorable, dining? 

At times I wondered: What if I never discover or find a table at that place that will make this trip truly unforgettable? In our search for The Connected Trip, dining became the forgotten art of the travel experience.

Discovering and booking hotels, airlines and experiences are as automated as possible. Yet, over 25% of the travel budget goes to F&B. No solution consolidates the global dining discovery and booking experience. Resy and Opentable are in some countries, while Infatuation or Eater is in others. OTAs work everywhere but need more seamless extensions for an integrated travel dining experience. 

That’s where we come in. With Andiago Concierge, members have a direct line to a Global Foodie Concierge that helps them with their every dining need. 

Andiago is the only AI-powered concierge that recommends and books trending restaurants and hidden gems anywhere in the world. 

This unique one-two punch makes our platform an essential companion for foodie travelers. With Andiago Concierge, globetrotters can discover and book tables at almost any restaurant worldwide.  

Andiago’s AI-powered concierge, Ana 🤖, hooks members up with those impossible-to-find tables and dining experiences – anytime, anywhere.

With Andiago Concierge, members can: 

  • 💡 Make custom recommendations based on their preferences and desired vibe – anytime, anywhere. 
  • 💎 Book impossible-to-find tables and hidden gems in any city. 
  • 📆 Handle last-minute bookings and any adjustments needed to their reservations.  
  • 🌏 Create custom culinary itineraries. 

Don’t just find a meal. Find a place you vibe with that meets you at the moment. Find an experience worth capturing, sharing, and remembering. Find It…. With Andiago Concierge!

Written by Chris Gentilini, CEO Andiago