I spent the last year of my life as a digital nomad. I work remotely and use my time away from my desk to discover the world’s greatest cities and the beautiful towns surrounding them.

From how to pack to how to eat like a local, I’m an expert on how to make travel a part of your lifestyle. 

I always plan my trips around what I want to eat and my culinary experiences. And that’s what I did when I visited Mexico City during the holidays. Mexico City has always held a special place in my heart since I first visited it in 2017. I was captivated by the city’s vibrant energy, chaotic streets, and stunning Belle Epoque buildings. But it wasn’t just the architecture that struck me – it was also the rich culture and delicious food. From costras to mole to churros, I could live off of the fantastic cuisine that Mexico City has to offer. I loved my first visit so much that I went back again in 2019, and each time I visit, I fall even more in love with this incredible city.

Maximizing Your Suitcase Space: My Packing Tips

As a seasoned digital nomad, I’ve learned to be strategic with my packing and have mastered the art of traveling with just a carry-on. For my recent trip to Mexico City, I packed a neutral palette of separates that could easily be mixed and matched, focusing on lightweight linen and leather pieces. Not only is linen perfect for handling a temperamental climate, but the light leather proved incredibly useful in protecting against the city’s pollution. By packing smart and choosing suitable materials, I traveled comfortably without compromising style.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation: My Stay Options

This time, I decided to switch up my usual neighborhood of Polanco and stay in Condesa. I love its many coffee shops, which provided the perfect places for me to work and my parents to rest between activities. I’ve always loved the energy of Polanco, but the convenience and relaxation of Condesa made it the perfect choice for this trip. Whether exploring the city’s vibrant streets or taking a break at one of the cozy cafes, we had everything we needed in this dynamic neighborhood.

Making the Most of My Trip: My Activities and Adventures

Mexico City is a vast and busy city with the most museums in the Americas. We visited three: Soumaya, Frida Kahlo, and Museo de Antropología. The rest of the time, I relaxed and took photos of the beautiful neighborhoods of Roma Norte and La Condesa. I also stopped by colorful Xochimilco and asked the Mariachis to play my favorite song, “La Bikina.” 

Exploring Local Cuisine: My Favorite Restaurants

During my last visit to Mexico City, I decided to dine at some of the city’s more high-profile restaurants, like Pujol. While those experiences were undoubtedly memorable, my most vivid memories from the trip are from late-night taco runs at El Califa. This time, I wanted to prioritize more casual, classic eateries and seek out hidden gems and newer names in the culinary scene, such as Chef Lucho Martínez. It’s always fun to try the hot, buzzworthy spots, but there’s something special about discovering and experiencing the lesser-known places that truly capture the essence of a city’s food culture.

Andiago’s AI-powered concierge insider, Ana, recommended timeless places like Azul Histórico and Blanco Castelar but also surprised me with the exquisite Em and the news that crowd-favorite Contramar has a sister restaurant named Entremar. Booking restaurants around the holidays can be tricky. Ana helped me plan my culinary itinerary, so I had the “cannot-miss-spots” already lined up while still leaving room for discovery and plenty of “holes in the wall” recommendations from Andiago, like Cariñito Taquería. 

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Written by Chris Gentilini, CEO Andiago