It is no secret that everyone suffered immensely during the pandemic and is continuing to do so. This paradigm shift is making restaurants rethink how they do labor, keep everyone safer due to COVID, and ask the most challenging questions: to remain open or not. But, with the tech revolution of digital ordering, paying, and delivery, a new way is being paved.

Studies show that people love using tech, apps, and even contactless forms of payment from restaurants. Even a simple awards system or online community is proving to be monumental in engagement and revenue numbers! Foodies are using loyalty programs, table reservation websites, push notifications, and social media more than ever before. Using apps like Andiago can be beneficial for everyone! Andiago is a community-driven service that recommends and books restaurants in cities around the world. We recommend restaurants based on real experiences, not reviews. Our AI analyzes every restaurant to suggest where to go and around the world. 

More than 60% of CIOs report that their companies are upgrading their infrastructure and technology platforms.

The way we consume food and content alike is changing rapidly to be more digitally immersive. With Andiago, you can be part of a foodie community loaded with photos, the ability to book a table, and connecting businesses and foodies together. This tech offers a more personalized experience for both restaurants and customers. According to studies, purchases are 50% greater when using digital means. In return, restaurants can have a better sense of the customer. Businesses can get important info and analysis from these apps or platforms. According to BCG research: “More than 60% of CIOs report that their companies are upgrading their infrastructure and technology platforms, digitizing or automating operations (including supply chains), investing in digital marketing, and piloting new (agile) ways of working. More than 40% say that they are speeding up digital commerce, implementing AI solutions at scale, and pursuing customer centricity and loyalty programs.” 

Overall, embracing the tech era is crucial if you want to stay relevant and grow your revenue. With Andiago’s app and platform, you can be sure to engage every foodie near you and globally! Get ready to book more tables, keep your staff and customers happy and safe, draw in more revenue, and keep your restaurant open.