Don’t settle for a basic romantic hotel getaway; rekindle your spicy romance in a bubble hotel!

Bubble hotels are the perfect balance between magic, beautiful views, and romance! Imagine having a very romantic night and/or morning inside the comfy lux translucent room in a setting that looks straight out of a fairy tale. There’s nothing better than being in complete isolation with nature in all its grandeur beauty while you and your loved one enjoy this time in your own personal bubble. Only to have a stunning night stargazing together and hearing the sounds of nature as your soundtrack. To help you, Andiago has compiled some of the best bubble hotels and dishes to try to make your romantic getaway even better. 

1. Nellim Wilderness Hotel in Nellim, Finland

Nothing compares to the infinite beauty the Aurora Bubble can give you!

The bubble is a unique accommodation hidden in the wilderness near Lake Inari. This unique Lappish and Northern luxury mix create the coziest of atmospheres. At night, you can even see the northern lights across the sky! The hotel offers a delicious restaurant, dense forests, wildlife, and sauna facilities. 

Must-try dish: Make your night extra sweet by trying Vispipuuro! This dessert mousse is made out of semolina and berries. It is then cooked together with sugar and whipped into a mousse. 

2. Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Transport yourself to a romantic night on Mars!

The Wadi Rum Desert sunsets and starry night skies will put your soul at peace and set the adventurous mood. Just one hour away from Petra, you can do 4×4 activities. The bubble has a king-size bed, electricity, a full bathroom, air conditioning, and food/beverages. 

Must-try dish: Without a doubt, Falafels are the must dish to try! Spicy ground chickpea balls fried in oil paired with hummus and veggies will blow your mind. 

3. Buubble in Hrosshagi, Iceland

Experience the most magical nature & the northern lights from the comfort of a bubble!

Known as the 5 Million Star Hotel, Buubble in Iceland combines luxury, simplicity, and nature all in one. Unwind in the land of fire and ice within the most breathtaking nature and share the moment of watching the aurora borealis dancing together. You can also enjoy tours in Reykjavik and relax in the secrecy of the wild. 

Must-try dish: Eat like a local, pick up some Skyr on your way to your bubble! Skyr is a traditional Icelandic densely concentrated yogurt. It is super healthy, and its rich, creamy flavor can include other types of fruits! 

4. Joshua Tree Remote Desert Stargazing Bubble in Joshua Tree, California

A unique Californian desert getaway to make every second more romantic than the last

Just 13 miles away from Joshua Tree National Park, this desert getaway is the perfect place for those couples who love traveling, nature, and camping in extreme luxury. You also don’t have to leave your pets behind, and JTH allows pets! 

Must-try dish: It is too hard to choose a suitable dish, but this home country cooking restaurant will keep you coming back! JT Country Kitchen has been around since the ’70s, and their southern comfort breakfast, lunch, and dinner will keep the good times going. 

5. Campera Hotel Burbuja in Baja California, Mexico

Wine and exquisite food in a romantic setting, how much better can it get?!

Located in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe and nestled in the Baja California Wine Country, their bubbles offer the best food, wine, and hotel amenities. The simple yet luxurious design is spectacular. The bubbles were designed in France with air conditioning and full-sized beds draped with curtains. The place also offers olive grooves, a golf course, croquet court, trails, and private security. 

Must-try dish: You can’t say no to tacos! Fish tacos made out of shark meat or white meat are the best Baja California dish. The tacos are loaded with cabbage, salsa, cream, and lime! 

These unique hotels are also highly eco-friendly and help preserve the environment with little to no impact. Choosing a bubble hotel means you and your partner can discover and be submerged in a new place and discover more of the culture and food one on one. Leave the city noise behind you and plug into a euphoric romantic bubble. With Andiago on your side, you will be sure to find the most unforgettable experiences out there! Download the App to see magical recommendations for you.